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01 January 2007 @ 03:58 pm
Prompt 9  
LJ Username: thepandaones
Title of Fic: The Big Box and a Small Ring
Prompt: Hermione wakes up on Christmas day to find a giant present waiting for her. I wonder what it is?
Rating: PG 13
Other pairings (optional): Small R/L
Any warnings and other notes: this will be a part of one of my stories on fanfic and portkey. This story gave me lots of inspiration!!!!!

‘Something’s out of place’ Hermione thought to herself slowly waking up.
Since there was no body right next to her, as she rolled over to gain back the heat, she fell completely off the bed. She yelped as her butt hit the floor, all of the blankets rolled with her and landed in a heap around her. She tried to get the feather blanket to move from her view of the room. Of course she was still tired so she fruitlessly fought with them for a couple of seconds. She was finally was able to sit up after waking up a bit more
“NOT a good way to wake up in the morning, Harry where are you.” she grumbled herself.
Hermione looked around the room trying to place where he was, as she scanned the area near the bed she saw a giant box sitting at the end of the bed. She managed to wiggle her way out of her blankets and back on to the end of the bed.
The box had her name on it, she was even more curious about this, and picked up the card that had her name on it. Enclosed was:


Happy Christmas, sorry I couldn’t be there to see you wake up, you know I always enjoy that but I have some things I must do this morning.

Please go to your parents, I will meet you there. They already know that I will be there a little later and they know not to open the gifts with out me. Enjoy your gift, I saw you looking at it wear them today.

Oh yea and enjoy the breakfast, I thought you would love it. And there is a warm bubble bath waiting for you, enjoy your morning my princess.

All my love

Harry Potter

She smiled at the letter, he was so cute. She pulled on the bow and it sprung to life, a small table and rack popped up. On the table was a plate of food, her favorite breakfast foods. On the rack were a dress and an outfit. She looked at the outfit first, it was a red cashmere (just by touch she knew) turtle neck and black pants. She moved this outfit to the other end of the rack. She looked behind it and gasped, it was the periwinkle dress that she had seen when they went shopping a month ago.
The reason why she loved it so much was that it reminded her of the Yule Ball and all that proceeded from that that night. That night Hermione had realized her feelings for Harry were more then just friends. She did not do anything about them till sixth year when he came to her house for the summer after Sirius died. They grew close, almost inseparable and Harry too realized his feelings that summer. Both didn’t really know when it changed from best friends to boyfriend girlfriend. It was just so natural for them. This dress was the same material as those robes she had worn then.
‘And I thought he didn’t notice when I stared at it’ she thought to herself wiping away the tears that had formed, ‘then again it is Harry.’ She smiled at that comment.
She reached for the food and started in on the waffles and bacon. After she was finished she walked into the bathroom and climbed into the tub.
“Magic is heavenly” she said slipping into a warm bath. She lay in there for a half an hour enjoying the soothing bath.
She climbed out of the tub grabbing one of the towels on the rack, she walked out and grabbed the first outfit to wear to her parents and for most of the day.
After getting dressed she reached into her closet and found her small bag of gifts. She would enlarge the bag when she reached her parents, but for now put it in her pants pocket. She grabbed her wand and apparated to the outside her parent’s house in their “apparition” shed. She walked out and to the back door.
As she walked into the house her mother came running down the hall to give her a hug. As known by most of Hermione’s friends she got her hugs from her mother and received a HUGE hug from her.
Hermione gave her a huge hug back when they parted she said, “hey mom, Happy Christmas…”
“IS THAT MY DAUGHTER?” John yelled from the other room obviously hearing that it was her.
“No its not.” She joked starting to walk into the living room, with her mother behind her.
He looked up and saw her walk in and rushed to her encompassing her in a hug.
“Hi daddy, happy Christmas to you.” She said.
When they parted she said, “Alright so I will put my gifts around the tree and we can catch up, I haven’t seen you guys for weeks.”
Her dad watched in fascination as she wandlessly enlarged the bag of presents. Hermione laughed at his look and said, “dad your hilarious. You’ll love what I got you.”
“You are not supposed to get us stuff, you know that…” he tired to hold back the smile, she would always get him something magical for Christmas.
“Daddy you know cant stop me…” she stuck her tongue at him, “Plus you two enjoy the stuff I find you.”
He relented and sat down by Elizabeth watching Hermione place many gifts by the tree. He smiled when he saw Harry enter the room, he looked at the two of them and put his finger up to his mouth. They both smiled and watched him.
Harry tiptoed behind her, and waited for her to finish placing the gifts around the tree. She stood up and turned around, she yelped and almost fell back on the tree. Harry, being ready for that, wrapped his arms around her. Not even giving her a chance to react he leaned down and kissed her, she relaxed instantly trusting that he wouldn’t drop her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her
John wolf whistled at them, Harry, very reluctantly pulled away from her, Hermione smiled at him. They moved over to the couch, Harry kept one of his arms wrapped around Hermione as they sat down.
“You brat.” She said turning and facing him on the couch folding her legs Indian style.
He smiled at her, “Hey I had to get some things done and you looked so peaceful that I didn’t want to wake you up.” He leaned forward and quickly kissed her.
Elizabeth did not wait for Hermione to reply and said, “ALRIGHT gift time, hun will you pass out gifts?” she said turning towards John.
“For you anything… plus in my household I'm Santa” he gave her a kiss and stood up heading for the tree.
Hermione smiled at her dad, ‘now I can get comfortable’ she thought as she turned on the couch. Harry opened his legs and placed them around her. She sat back against his chest stretching her legs out.
Elizabeth smiled at them they were so happy. And of course being the mom of the girl made her kind of bias to be happy and of course she was extremely happy.
After they went through family gifts it was couples gifts to each other. Harry got up and got his and Hermione's gifts and sat back down. Hermione turned around and faced him.
Harry leaned over to her whispering in her ear “Did you enjoy your box this morning?”
She gave him a huge kiss and when she broke away said, “Yes it was amazing but what else did you get me hun, that dress was the most perfect thing in the world… you know I’m happy with anything” She turned back to the box in her hands curiosity taking over again.
She ripped off the wrapping paper and saw a jewelry box. She looked at him wondering what was in this box.
All he said was “Open it love.” And continued to stare at her.
She opened the box and gasped for at least the third time that day. It was a necklace, bracelet and earring set of diamond jewelry. The necklace was three separate mounted diamonds in the shape of a circle with smaller diamonds connecting the larger diamonds.
She turned and looked at him, “Harry this is too much…”
He grabbed the box from her and stared into her eyes, “I thought they would match your dress. I found it I liked it and I thought you would too. I thought it would look smashing with your dress. I thought it was unique and beautiful as you are. Also I thought the necklace represents the trio. I thought it showed how our bond is unbreakable, hence the circle. I thought it was a good tribute to our friendship and to show the unbreakable bond we share” Harry looked at her trying to read a response
Hermione stared at him and smiled, “Harry its amazing… but you didn’t have to do it. You got me that beautiful dress… and then this. Harry…” was all she could say before she gave him a huge thank you kiss, and hey actions speak louder then words sometimes.
Hermione held on to him and stared over at her parents they were in an embrace like Hermione and Harry. Her mother was sitting there with an antique hand painted carousal horse. She smiled at them and let go of Harry sitting back down between his legs waiting for him to open his.
Harry had other ideas first and grabbed the box from her grabbing the necklace. He unclasped it, Hermione had a huge smile plastered on her face as he put the necklace on her.
She went to grab the jewelry box but Harry pulled the box away and said, “Let me please?”
She put her hands down and smiled at him, “As you wish.” She smiled at him as he carefully put on the earrings and the bracelet.
She then looked at him and asked, “Hope you will like it as much as I love yours.”
Harry smiled at her, and gave her an I always do smile. He was very curious at what she found him. He opened the box found a photo album.
She smiled at him, “Open it.”
Harry opened the book and was completely amazed. It was a book that would record memories and allow you to comment them in the book. His eyes were first drawn to when they first meet, Hermione's comment was ‘he really wasn’t as spectacular as they made him out to be, he just seemed like a normal boy to me. I’m really glad that he was and is just Harry, my Harry’
He smiled at that last comment and turned to her, “It’s perfect.” He tipped her head to face his and kissed her. She sat down between his legs, leaning her head on his chest and set the book propped up on her legs.
He looked through the book, the memories were special ones that she wanted to share with him, happy, fun, some meaningful, some sad, some hilarious, some just because and there was a section on them coming together as a couple.
“By the way I figured it out, we started being more then friends here.” She flipped the page to a very familiar scene.

Harry and Hermione were standing in the great hall after an extremely trivial argument.
Finally Hermione screamed tears threatening to fall from her eyes, “Why don’t you just tell me if you do or not I'm so tired of not knowing one day you do and one you don’t…”
“Because every time I try I think about us I think that you will get hurt…”
“DON’T you DARE PULL THIS… THAT CRAP, I am already a target for Voldermort. I am your best friend, and information person. He wants me dead so you have no clue what you are doing. Harry, stop thinking about that, just think about US, DO YOU…” she angrily wiped the tears that had fallen, “DO YOU, STOP THINKING OF EVERYONE ELSE… you act intimate towards me. Hugs and everything, hell we have fallen asleep on the couch together many times. What can you say to all of that, that you only feel that I am YOUR FRIEND… because Harry I don’t want to just be your friend. I KNOW YOU FEEL THIS WAY too… but will you act on it…”
Harry was torn, he wanted to protect her but finally he looked at her and he knew he couldn’t hide behind that mask anymore. He finally let his actions speak louder then his words. He moved closer to her, lifted his hands up to cup her face and leaned down to kiss her. Hermione was shocked at this display that she didn’t respond… Harry pulled away and gave her a questioning look. She finally snapped out of her stupor and jumped into his arms, which wrapped around her, giving him a huge kiss while the Great Hall erupted in wolf whistles, applauses, and many, many cheers.


Now that they watched this from a narrator perspective they could see that even the professors were cheering.
Harry and Hermione flipped through the book taking in all the memories while her parents went into the kitchen to make sure the food was doing okay.
Hermione finally closed the book and asked him, “So do you like the gift?”
He pulled her closer to his chest and whispered in her ear, “It is the most amazing gift, you have shown me memories that have and still me so happy. And then to have you in my arms like this makes me feel like I am the luckiest guy on this planet. But love the day isn’t over with yet… there are still more surprises to come.”
Hermione turned to Harry and said, “Hun there is nothing I can say to stop you but you know I’m happy with anything and everything that you do.” She kissed him and stood up, pulling him along with her.
“Its yummy mom food time” they said walking into the kitchen.

“Wow your mothers turkey is amazing, I’m so glad we got leftovers.” Harry said putting the fridge. “And those mashed potatoes, amazing. Let me tell you your mother knows how to cook.” He walked back into the living room where Hermione was standing. “Aright so what do we bring to this party for work besides each other?”
Hermione smiled at him, “We bring a gift for our secret Santa person, and dress up. That’s it.”
He walked over to her, “What would I do without you?”
“I don’t know hun, I really don’t know.” She smiled innocently at that comment.
Harry looked at her in feigned surprise, “Oh yea want to tell me that to my face?”
Hermione smiled, “Well seeing as I already did, why did you ask that?”
He smiled and tackled her down to the couch, then started tickle her. Hermione screamed not expecting him to do that and was pinned to the couch. After a minute he started to stop and asked again innocently, “Want to tell me that to my face?”
“I already did, and you know that where this is headed. Though I would love to go down that route we must get ready for the party.” She stuck her tongue out at him.
He smiled at her, “Late then” when she smiled back at him and leaned down and gave her a thorough kissing over.
He stood up and helped her up, both of them breathless from that kiss, and walked into the room. Harry headed into the bathroom to get a shower, Hermione contemplated joining him but decided against it. She had already succeeded in stopping them from that path and she knew they would never get ready for the party hell even go to the party if she did. She grabbed her dress and changed into it.
She lightly applied a coat of makeup, natural colors to bring out her natural colors. She looked at the finished outfit on her full length mirror and was very pleased. She was even happier with the dress with the diamonds.
She thought to herself ‘Harry has good tastes, it’s a perfect match.’

Harry got out of the shower and walked out to find Hermione at her vanity applying small quantities of makeup. He put on a pair of pants and turned back around to see what she was doing, she was standing in front of the full length mirror staring at her reflection.
Harry walked up behind her, saying, “You look absolutely beautiful” she turned around to him.
“The jewelry really adds a lot to this dress…”
“Well you being in it adds more and more to it” when she smiled back at him he continued, “So Beautiful what shirt shall I wear?” he said pulling her over to his closet.
Hermione reached in and found a silver shirt and a light blue tie and handed it to him, “This will match…” she walked over to her large jewelry chest and reached into the drawers that had his stuff in it. She found a silver holder to keep his tie in place on his shirt and a little insert for the pocket with an iridescent sheen to it. She walked back over and waited for him to get his shirt and tie on, then handed him the items and his jacket.
He smiled at her, “Thanks love.”
She smiled at him and grabbed his hand, “Lets go, we’ll apparate into DOM. But we will have to double apparate because it only knows my signature.”
“Yep, and DOM is closer then the Auror office across campus…”
“Exactly what I thought.” She hugged him close and apparated to the DOM.

Amelia Bones yelled over the crowd, “ALRIGHT now welcome everyone to our Christmas celebration. Everyone will get a secret Santa gift that will be delivered to them. Please look out for it. Everyone enjoy, eat, be jolly, merry and DANCE!”
Harry and Hermione ate and mingled with people for a few minutes. They looked at each other when they saw the dance floor was empty and walked out on to it. They didn’t mind starting the dance. After the first dance people started to come out and dance and have a great time.
After dancing for an hour Ron finally found them dancing their hearts out. Ron and Luna started dancing along with them. Ron looked at Harry and gave him a questioning look, he mouthed WHEN. Harry rolled his eyes and focused in on Hermione trying to ignore his beating chest.
After dancing more Harry stopped, Hermione looked up at him and laughed. She leaned up a kissed him. She grabbed his hand to try and continue dancing but Harry just stood there.
“What’s going on hun?” Hermione asked really confused.
Harry smiled at her, “Hermione I wanted to tell you that you mean the absolute world to me. When Sirius died I thought I would fall off the face of the planet but you didn’t let me. You have pushed, sometimes I thought past my limits me but that kept me going. I am not the same person I was and I am so thankful for it…” he got down on one knee, Hermione looked at him in shock, “I would never be here standing, well kneeling in front of you. You kept me on track and helped me defeat Voldermort. It was difficult having to deal with all that pain but you gave me a light you gave me a salvation. You give me so much hope and I hope that we can spend our lives together for ever. SO this morning I asked your father for your hand in marriage and he gave me his best wishes. I am not perfect, I know that. I have had some problems in life but Hermione you never once looked down on me or up to me. You are wonderful and bueafitul and I am luckly that you came in looking for that toad on the train. And now Hermione Ann Granger I am asking you. Will you make my dreams come true and marry me?” he pulled out a matching diamond ring to her set.
Everyone stopped when Harry started the conversation. They formed a circle around them and were watching this. The girls were smiling at how romantic he was, and the men were shocked that he had the balls to do that in such a public place.
Hermione dove at him in a huge Hermione hug saying, “saying yes, yes OF course I will.”
She almost knocked Harry over but he caught them before they could fall, she buried her face in his shoulder saying yes yes.
Harry smiled and was able to, miraculously, get the diamond ring onto her finger. Harry whispered how much he loved her while she let tears of joy run down her cheeks while she whispered the same things.
A shout and an applause resounded through the hall, Harry and Hermione were oblivious to this just wrapped in their own little world. A world they could always go to, a world that had saved them both from so much.
Hermione whispered in Harry's ear, she could feel him shudder as her breath hit his ear, “You know I love you so much. You are an amazing and wonderful man.” Harry turned to her wanting to add something but she kissed him, a long deep, passionate and soulful kiss then continued, “Since that day you and Ron saved me from that troll you have always been an integral part of my life. Then you became more and more to me, I started have thoughts about wanting you as more then a friend… but thinking that I'm wasnt good enough…”
Harry interjected, “Hermione you are…”
She placed her hands to his lips smiling, “Let me finish sweetie. Then that summer before sixth year was the most amazing time I had had in my life. We laughed, played, learned, flirted up a storm, and learned about who we were and who each other were. That’s when I learned that I love you so much, and you…. YOU showed me that I was at least worthy of your love…”
As she continued he said, “I'm lucky I'm worthy enough…” he let her continue.
“And now you have made me the happiest woman in the whole entire world. I am so utterly happy, Harry you make me complete and you have changed my life so much…”
Harry lifted her face to his and stared at her, both could see a spark in the others eyes that caused her to stop talking. She wrapped her arms around him and he pulled her closer to him, then they shared the most intense kiss of their lives.

And with that an end (as of now)… wouldn’t you just love to find a big Christmas present at the end of your bed and have it end that way?
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Ashley Mareida_hermione on January 7th, 2007 11:08 pm (UTC)
Cute story, I like all the lovely H/Hr fluff. Thanks for participating.