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Fics from the H/Hr Christmas Ficathon 2006

Fics From The H/Hr Christmas Ficathon 2006
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The Fics From the H/Hr Christmas Ficathon 2006!

As the title implies, this is where you can post your finished fics from the H/Hr Christmas Ficathon 2006. That way, all the lovely fics are in one spot, resulting in not only an easier way to find a certain fic, but also a great place to find some Christmas season H/Hr goodness.

A few rules:
This community is intended only for participants in the H/Hr Christmas Ficathon 2006 to post their completed fics. Please do NOT post a fic in here unless you participated in the Ficathon.

About the fic itself: After you write your fic, please, please, please check over your fic for spelling and grammar. If possible, find a beta-reader. Thanks!

How to properly post your fic:
I recommend you use the following format for the information, please.
LJ Username:
Title of Fic:
Other pairings (optional):
Any warnings and other notes:

About the LJ-Cut:
It is required that you post your fic under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do that, here it is:
<*lj-cut text="WHAT WILL APPEAR ON THE LINK YOU CLICK TO THE CUT"*>your fic here...<*/lj-cut text*>

Just remember to take out the asterisks.

I really hope you all enjoy reading these fics, and for you authors, I hope you had fun writing them! :)

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